Drug and alcohol addiction can take us to places in our lives we never expected to be. We enter into environments, associate with people, and partake in activities we never imagined ourselves to. Drug and alcohol addiction tend to bring out the worst in people, rather than the best. Living such a life can leave you jaded.

feeling jaded

Often, it is not just the current past of substance abuse which can leave you jaded. Chemical dependency develops because the brain is vulnerable to pain. Drugs and alcohol produce a sensation of euphoria which is preferable over pain. Pain can come from trauma, abandonment, neglect, depression, anxiety, and a wealth of other sources. Experiencing pain in such real ways feels like a different universe or being part of a different life. Pain can leave you jaded.

Promise of Recovery

Recovery is full of promises. There is talk of hope- of a better tomorrow, with better tomorrow’s following those. A lifetime of serenity, joyousness, happiness, and freedom, is what waits on the other side of recovery. In the height of feeling so much pain and having a collection of painful memories, conceptualizing such elusive promises feels impossible. You probably feel as though you’ve seen too much of the bad in the world to ever be able to believe in the good again.

You will believe again.

Cognitive Challenges

After a few months, your brain will start to clear out. Your core cognitive functions which help you to create knowledge and understanding will start to return. Slowly, big ideas won’t be so dramatically large. Words which once sounded like fantasy will become realistic. By the time you reach your first year of recovery, you will understand more about the good in life than you have in quite some time.

Year by year, your brain heals more and more. The way you speak will change, the way you relate will change, and the way you view the world will change. This is a miracle of recovery. Without drugs and alcohol being impounded upon the system every day, it is amazing to witness what can unfold.


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