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There are a few factors to consider if you are wondering whether or not it might be time to cut ties with your therapist. First and most importantly, gauge your situation: what are you working on? If you’re working on something especially challenging, you might be triggered in a way that prevents your willingness to work on that issue. Leaving might be your defense or coping mechanism, which could include thoughts about doubting your therapy as well as your therapist.

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Second, look at what kind of work you’ve been doing lately. Do you feel challenged? Do you feel as though you’re progressing? Does it seem like you need to be there? Again, check your willingness. It could be that you’re just taking the time in therapy to skirt by and avoid doing deep work. However, it could mean that you’ve surpassed a certain threshold and reached a plateau. Most therapists are informed enough to let you know that they think your need for them and treatment is over. Unfortunately, some therapists will keep members on far past their expiration because of money.

Second, Evaluate Your Need For Therapy

Many people switch therapists or find a new approach for therapy because they aren’t getting what they need out of treatment. It might be that you are in need of a new therapist who practices in a different way. Honestly reflect on your need for therapy. Are you convinced that you don’t need therapy at all? If you feel that there is nothing left for you to work on, not an area left for you to progress in- think twice about that. You may very well still need ongoing treatment, but are in need of something new.

Third, Tell Your Therapist

An honest and ethical therapist is not going to manipulate you into believing you need to continue seeing them as a therapist. If you want to find someone else or end treatment, it is your choice. You shouldn’t just quit your therapist cold turkey, so to speak. Instead, it is best to inform them of your concerns and work together to create an exit plan, which could include recommendations from them for other therapists or a type of treatment you should seek.

Aurora Recovery Centre offers ongoing therapy and treatment to members through all stages of their recovery. We provide treatment to men and women seeking recovery from substance abuse, eating disorders, co-occurring mental health disorders, and more. Our doors are open to those seeking healing in mind, body, and spirit. Call us today for more information: 844-515-STOP.

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