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Coffee is an essential for recovery. Coffee is brewed fresh at every sober support group meeting, and available at mealtimes in treatment. Some treatment centers only offer decaf coffee. Tea is a natural, healthy, and beneficial alternative to coffee. Considering making the switch? Read on for more information.

Let’s Look At Some Reasons To Drink Tea:

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Tea And Caffeine

Tea can be either caffeinated or decaffeinated, depending on the type of tea. Green and black teas tend to be more caffeinated while floral and fruity teas are not. The caffeine from tea is considerably more mild than that from a few shots of espresso. Health wise, the energy is better and usually comes without the jitters. Reducing caffeine in recovery is hard. Many turn to coffee and energy drinks as a way to gain that feeling of a buzz to help them cope. For many, coffee is a way of life. However, caffeine is still considered a mind altering substance. Though consuming caffeine is not a relapse, caffeine can alter your mood, energy, and mental state.

Additionally, people experience symptoms of withdrawal when they don’t have their daily coffee. Recovery should be about liberation from reliance and dependency on substances. Tea is a great solution to getting off coffee.

Tea Is Good For Health and Wellness

Herbs, flowers, and plants are medicinal. Tea is composed of all these substances making different formulas of tea useful for different ailments. Tea can be drank for illness, colds, and even mood. Heart health, circulatory health, and immune health has been improved by drinking tea. Tea can help clear out free radicals and toxins, reducing inflammation and helping your system stay even more clean.

Tea And Your Liver

Teas are considered detoxifying because of their cleansing effect on the liver. Improving and maintaining liver health is important in recovery. According to eastern medicinal practices, the liver is a control center for many of the body’s functions and affects mood. Drug and alcohol abuse can cause severe damage and impairment to the liver. Tea can help clean the liver and improve liver function.

Tea And Brain Function

Tea helps with mood, anxiety, depression, and brain function. Green teas specifically are believed to help with memory, mood, and other brain functions.

Aurora Recovery Centre has an integrative and holistic program focused on comprehensive healing of mind, body, and spirit. Our multi faceted approach to recovery encourages a new way of living. We strive to be the light guiding the pathway to lifelong recovery. Recovery is possible. Are you ready to start today? Call 844-515-STOP for more information.