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We set a precedent and an example when we make the decision to save our lives by seeking treatment and recovery. As our entire lives change in mind, body, and spirit, it affects the lives of those around us. Addiction is a family disease. Even if we don’t have family, our addiction affects those we know, and even those we don’t know, in innumerable ways. Thereby, when we get sober, our recovery does the same exact thing. Our recovery, too, affects the lives of those around us. Living by example in the spiritual life we prove that it is not a mere theory. We are changed people and that it noticed by others.

teaching mindfulness

During the holiday seasons we might be returning home to family members we haven’t seen for some time. It is likely they will be curious about our experiences and to know if we are doing well. Before their questions are answered verbally, they’ll be recognized through our demeanor. Recovery wears like a subtle glow. Life returns to our skin, a glisten returns to our eyes, and our general presence has a much more grounded feel. When your family member asks just what it is we’re doing in treatment, we might tell them it’s nothing they couldn’t do for themselves.

At our family members’ pressing questions we might teach them some of the tools we have picked up, like mindfulness based practices.

Mindful Breathing

Ask a family member to place their hands upon their stomachs. Instruct them to take deep breaths and notice the way their stomach inflates and rises, then deflates and sinks. Explain to them this is practicing mindfulness- noticing the breath and paying attention.


Gratitude is one of the most noticeable character traits. Being grateful stands out. Suggest that family members write down things they are grateful for on various strips of paper. During dinner, collect them in a bowl. After the meal, pass the bowl around and have everyone pick to share.

Try and enforce a rule during the holiday celebration- no digital devices. If everyone cannot commit to it for the whole meal, try it for at least an hour. Encourage family members to pay attention to their feelings and desires to use


At Aurora Treatment Centre we believe spiritual development is as critically important to recovery as physical and psychological development. We teach our residents the practices of mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness holds a deep wealth of benefits to our residents and their new lives in recovery. Our comprehensive approach to treatment is our way to light the path to lifelong recovery. For more information, call 844-515-STOP.


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