Gambling addiction affects millions of people of all ages. Being of legal age to gamble does not prevent someone from developing a gambling addiction. From online poker rooms to race tracks, casinos to crime rings, gambling addiction can get out of control and threaten someone’s life.

four things about gambling addiction
  • Gambling Is Manifestation Of Low-Self Esteem: Everyone likes a good win. Winning at anything is a sure-fire way to boost self-esteem and feelings of confidence. We put a lot of emphasis into what winning means. Champions win. Ancient archetypes of “champions” include being good looking, well respected, given everything, and attractive to the opposite sex. When we win something, we feel better about ourselves and the world around us.
  • Gambling Is A Way To Express Yourself: There’s rarely a person inside a casino or a game who humbly wins their bets. Winning usually includes lights and music, cheers and applause, and handshakes all around. We boast about our victories and let everyone know we’ve won. When someone is struggling with low self-esteem, the ability to brag about a win from gambling, or taking a high risk for a gamble, is attractive. In a way, they create an identity that expresses inner parts of themselves they don’t believe they have.
  • Gambling Addiction Is Really A Coping Mechanism:  Call it coping, self-medicating, avoiding, or numbing out. Gambling becomes an addiction when the brain starts to believe it needs gambling and everything involved. From scoping out a bet to placing it, living with the torturous anxiety of the outcome, to both the win and the loss, the whole process becomes addictive. That is why gambling is called a process addiction. Every Time those painful feelings of low self-esteem come up, there is an obsessive need to make it go away. Gambling becomes the compulsive form of self-medication and coping to help that happen.
  • Gambling Addiction Can Be Life Threatening: Gambling is not a dangerous substance like cocaine or heroin. However, many of the lifestyle changes which accompany gambling addiction can be equally as life-threatening. For example, many people who develop a gambling addiction have co-occurring alcoholism. Alcohol abuse coupled with high levels of stress and anxiety can cause a heart attack. Cocaine is another common substance used to help gamblers stay up and keep playing all night. Heart failure and stroke are common with cocaine. Additionally, when gambling addiction advances it can take someone into dangerous territories. Owing debt, getting involved in crime rings, or falling into the hands of the wrong creditors can lead to violence and sometimes death.

If you or a loved one are struggling with gambling addiction and any co-occurring disorders, help is available. Let Aurora Recovery Centre show you the way. Our beautiful residential treatment center is secluded within the tranquil confines of nature on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. For more information call 844-515-STOP today.


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