Aurora Recovery Centre

Spiritual Leaders

When you see them walk in the door, you can recognize their kind of spirituality almost immediately. They walk with a glow around them, a smiling face, and a light hearted energy. The people who have become the spiritual leaders are usually called “old timers”. Often, these people have close to ten years or multiple decades of sobriety.

three kinds spirituality

Carefully and gratefully, they have curated their spirituality and found serenity through sobriety. No longer are these individuals plagued by the scary occurrence of craving or obsession for drugs and alcohol. Though the phenomena may rise from time to time, they are able to let it pass with love and compassion. Noticeably, other people enjoy being around the spiritual leaders- they are giving, grateful, and frequently being of service to others.

Spiritual Impersonators

One category of spiritual people will not like the spiritual leaders. Insecurity, when it is not met with spiritual faith, can rob a person of their identity and footing in life. In compensation, such people will try to impersonate spiritual leaders or others around them. As it is said, they will “talk the talk” yet will not “walk the walk”. Spiritual impersonators are rooted in ego as opposed to spiritual leaders who live entirely from the spirit. Being concentrated in their ego, behaviorally they tend to act with righteousness, indignation, and conceit. Entitled and authoritative, spiritual impersonators attempt to preach to others, though they do not truly have a program of recovery. Unfortunately, these people tend to suffer longer than others and often relapse. Without being entirely honest with themselves, or others, they have little foundation upon which to build a true program of recovery.

Spiritual Enjoyers

Neither here nor there, the common spiritual person is simply- simple. Though they have their own unique set of spiritual beliefs, they don’t push them on anyone. They stay honest with themselves and those who matter most to them. Believing in their truth, they live their lives accordingly, grateful to be alive and live one more day sober.

Understand Spirituality and Recovery

Here at Aurora Recovery Centers, we believe that spirituality and recovery are necessary parts of one another. We offer spiritual living courses created to help you find a spirituality of your own with which you can identify and live abidingly.