Crystal meth, often referred to as ice, glass, meth, crystal, or shatter, is a type of methamphetamine found illegally on black street markets. The drug gets its name from the chemical reactions which occur during its production. Resulting in a glass like material which is broken into pieces, the many chemicals which make meth can mimic actual crystal shards. 

crystal meth

What creates this chemical reaction is like a bad chemistry class experiment. Among phosphorous and other normal chemical compounds is everything “under the kitchen sink” which can include household cleaning products, paint, car products and more. Crystal meth is highly addictive due to its synthetic nature, cheap cost, and availability.

Central Nervous System

Central nervous system drugs like crystal meth hit the brain harder and faster than other drugs. Once meth enters the bloodstream, it creates an instantaneous and relatively severe high. Hallucinations, hyper awareness, physical hallucinations, energy, euphoria, focus, and increased sexual arousal are all common side effects of crystal meth abuse. When the drug is used intravenously, it can create an even stronger effect. Many people who abuse crystal meth report staying awake for days on end, blacking out, and losing track of time. It is not uncommon for crystal meth addicts to experience psychosis, paranoia, and develop neurotic behavior. Despite the intensely high state of euphoria meth addicts experience, there are negative symptoms which accompany using the drug. Since the drug is so addictive, it is hard to quit using crystal meth. Cravings, obsessions, and seizures can come with withdrawal.

Treating crystal meth addiction requires a mind, body, and spirit approach. Psychologically, the brain has to be investigated to uncover the underlying contributing circumstances which led to addiction. Often, crystal meth is appealing to those who are predisposed to reckless, thrill seeking and impulsive behaviors. Physically, the body needs to recover from the damage meth causes. Meth can usually create rapid weight loss due to a lack of appetite. Malnourished and nutrient deprived, it takes time for the body to heal. Additionally, meth can cause someone to fixate on their skin. Excessive picking and self-harm is common. Lastly, crystal meth recovery requires spiritual healing. Often, addiction to drugs like crystal meth is a coping mechanism for dealing with a great loss or trauma, co-occurring mental health disorder, or more. Only treatment can provide the safety, protecting, healing, growth, and development needed to overcome crystal meth addiction.

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