KNPR, the Nevada public radio station, recently reported on the growing gambling problem in Nevada. The researchers cited in the article were not focusing on Nevada’s infamous sin city and epicenter for gambling, Las Vegas. Instead, they were looking outside the bright city of neon lights in the dark and spread out reservations where Native American Indians live. It is there, they found, gambling is at its darkest. Poignantly, they quote one contributor who said, “Gambling is a spirit that talks in your ear so that you can’t hear your heart.”

understanding gambling addiction

Who Gambling Addiction Affects

When a loved one becomes addicted to gambling, it doesn’t just affect them and their bank account. Any addiction affects more than the addict. It affects everyone around them from their spouse to their children to their friends and coworkers. Watching someone struggle and having to bear the financial burden of a compulsive gambling addiction is painful and heartbreaking.

The Obsession To Win

Gambling can be done through cards, slot machines, handheld games, online games, through bookkeepers, and more. With each gamble comes a risk- a risk that speeds up the heart, gets the blood pumping, and sends adrenaline simultaneously surging through the veins with shame, guilt, and anxiety. Despite the odds, whatever they may be, someone with a gambling addiction is preoccupied with their obsession on the “could”- they could win this time. They could even win big this time. Driven by a shame-encouraged ego, someone with a gambling addiction is unable to overcome the compulsive need to continue risking it all.

Side Effects Of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is commonly co-occurring with mental health disorders like anxiety or depression, as well as drug or alcohol addiction. Physical and psychological effects of gambling are not as drastic, though equally as important, as the lifestyle effects. Lying, stealing, and cheating often leads gambling addicts to finding themselves buried deep in debt. Some people lose their cars, their homes, and give away their prized possessions. For those who take things too far illegally, they can find themselves in the way of real physical harm or danger.

Gambling addiction deserves the same therapeutic care and treatment as any other addiction. If you or a loved one are ready to make a permanent lifestyle change, call Aurora Recovery centres today. Our residential treatment programs are designed to light the way to recovery from any issue. For more information, call 844-515-STOP.


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