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Why is body image so important and talked about so much? The way we perceive ourselves determines how we perceive our worth. Low self-worth leads to self-destructive habits, not seeking the best for ourselves, and always selling ourselves short. Our bodies are the vessels to our existence. We have been given a specific shape and form to carry our minds and spirits on this journey of life. 

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Millions of people around the world are at war with who they feel they are on the inside and how they look on the outside. Mistakenly, we believe that how we look on the outside dictates how we feel on the inside. Unfortunately, many allow this to happen.

It is only by learning about unrealistic ideals of perfection, “better than” or “less than” that negative body image occurs. We aren’t born feeling badly about our bodies. Poor body image is learned. For some with disordered thinking or eating like body dysmorphic disorder, unlearning negative body image takes time, convincing, and behavioral change. Narratives about our body become deeply ingrained in the brain, distorting and defining our realities. If any of these signs sound familiar, you might be suffering from poor body image.


What defines obsession in regards to body image? You notice that you spend a lot of time thinking about your appearances and, more importantly, what other people think about them. Checking your weight on the scale multiple times a day, analyzing food choices, or being anxious about what you believe other people’s thoughts are about your body are signs of obsession. Thoughts about negative body image can take up a lot of time and space.


When people pay you a compliment, you don’t believe them. Often, you’re not even able to accept it. You might find it normal to respond with a rebuttal to disprove the compliment you’ve been given. If you don’t say them out loud, you certainly are saying them in your head. You feel punished by your own thoughts about how you look.

You are perfect the way that you are because THAT is the way that you are. You may be similar to some and different from others, but nobody is exactly like you. You are the most perfect you you could be.

Aurora Recovery Centre offers support for eating disorders as co-occurring issues with substance use disorder. Providing dual diagnosis treatment allows Aurora to comprehensively treat every side of mental health disorders for maximum recovery. For more information on our treatment programs, call 1-844-515-STOP.


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