Aurora Recovery Centre

Aurora Recovery Center is located in beautiful Manitoba, Canada on Lake Winnipeg.  Our beautiful treatment facility was built into one of the lake’s beachside resorts. Full of walking trails, shorelines, and panoramic views of Lake Winnipeg, Aurora Recovery offers a place of healing that is serene, tranquil, and private.  We believe that our proximity to water is helpful to our residents who are working on recovering from addiction, eating disorders, and other co-occurring issues.

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Is Being Near Water Good for Mental Health?

Living in close relation to any kind of water or shoreline is scientifically proven to be a benefit to overall wellbeing and mental health.  Called “blue space” being near bodies of water reduces psychological and physiological stress. Even people living in busy urban cities who can see a pond, fountain, or river, benefit from the presence of water. Nature is constantly cited as a source of stress reduction. Studies have been conducted examining the correlation between time spent in “green spaces” and levels of stress. While much stress is reduced, the significance continues to side with water as opposed to vegetation. The difference? Water is more natural.

Comparing man-made water to man-made greenery might seem a pointless argument. Many of the green spaces people get to see are fields, parks, and areas that are surrounded by playgrounds, fences, and reminders of man’s mark. Water, even in a man-made lake, is a natural substance. Water surrounded by cities still brings a great sense of psychological relief.

Our Connection to Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto experimented with water to observe how water molecules relate to thought. Labeling petri dishes with labels of thought and emotion like “love” and “hate”, the Dr. quickly learned that the water molecules were greatly influenced. Positively labeled water crystallized into beautiful form. Negatively labeled water turned murky and dark. Emoto used the experiment as a commentary on consciousness. How and what we think influences the very substance which is responsible for the majority of our makeup- water. The human body and brain are over 70% water.  Being near water is naturally relaxing because of how connected the human existence is to water itself.


Aurora Recovery Center’s resort-style facility offers panoramic views of Lake Manitoba. We also have one of the area’s largest indoor swimming pools, available for use by all of our residents. Our treatment programs for men and women focus on holistic healing from alcoholism, addiction, and dual-diagnosis issues. Are you ready for serenity? Find it here. Call 1844-515-STOP for more information.