Objections, arguments, rationalizing, and justifying are common when contemplating the decision to seek treatment for substance use disorder. Going to treatment when the urge to seek help hits is critical because timing is of the essence. Here are some reasons you should make the call today and start the process as soon as possible.

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“Someday” and “One Day” Might Never Come

There are two grave realities when it comes to alcoholism and drug addiction and putting off treatment. First, you might never make the decision or come close to the decision to stop again. High functioning substance use disorder or low functioning substance use disorder- you might find reason after reason not to try quitting again. It may never get bad enough, or it will get too bad for you to think you can repair. Second, and most tragically, you might not get a chance. Death by alcoholism or drug overdose are common.

You’ll Always Redefine What “Ready” Feels Like

It is true, some people enter treatment feeling completely broken, devastated, and ready for a change in their lives. In complete surrender, they willingly admit themselves to treatment and start the journey to lifelong recovery. Others come in kicking, screaming, and dragging their feet- literally and figuratively. They don’t feel ready, they don’t want to be there, and they think there’s more using left to do. Such cases go one of two ways: they quickly realize there is a problem which needs solving, or, they check themselves out and go back to using. Feeling “ready” is subjective and has no real definition. Usually, your first intuitive sign that you have a problem with substance use is your best sign for treatment.

You’re Ready To Do The Work

Don’t underestimate the path that awaits you as you start walking the path to recovery. Detox, withdrawals, cravings- the symptoms are real, they are uncomfortable, but they are not impossible to survive. Millions survive them. Treating substance use disorders is about much more than simply quitting drinking and using illicit substances. Recovery is about learning a new way to live. You should go to treatment when you are ready and willing to do the work. If there is even the tiniest mustard seed of hope that there is a different kind of life possible without drugs and alcohol, you will have the strength to get through treatment. Treatment is a few months out of a year for the rest of what can be a sober, healthy, life.

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