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University of Bergen, Norway, is known for initiating clinical scales into the behavioral and mental health treatment world for a variety of addictions including work addiction. In an article by Forbes investigating the signs of workaholism, Bergen’s seven symptoms of a workaholic are listed as:

  1. You think of how you can free up more time to work.

    2. You spend much more time working than initially intended.

    3. You work in order to reduce feelings of guilt, anxiety, helplessness and/or depression.

    4. You have been told by others to cut down on work without listening to them.

    5. You become stressed if you are prohibited from working.

    6. You don’t prioritize hobbies, leisure activities, and/or exercise because of your work.

    7. You work so much that it has negatively influenced your health.

For most people with jobs, even jobs they love, the response to most of these statements would be no. Qualifying as a workaholic would not apply to such individuals. The term “workaholic” is relatively new and still widely undefined. Suffering from an obsession to keep working, however, is far from unfamiliar to millions.

In the digital age when email is available on any device considered ‘smart’, work is accessible day and night. Most industries and countries now expect work to carry on wherever work can- at home, on vacation, even in the bathroom. France has initiated law prohibiting punishment in the workplace based on the expectation that work emails should be answered after paid working hours.

Being addicted to work has equally devastating effects on one’s life as being addicted to drugs or alcohol. Health, relationships, and even the job at hand can be negatively impacted by the preoccupation and obsession with working. Long hours, chronic stress, and side effects like lack of sleep or proper nutrition eventually take a toll on the body until it breaks down entirely.

Aurora Recovery Center opens its doors to men and women seeking transformational treatment for co-occurring disorders. Workaholism is often paired with substance abuse. We offer detox, residential inpatient and outpatient services as well as sober living. Located on beautiful Lake Winnipeg, Aurora offers resort style luxury for premiere addiction treatment. For more information call 1844-515-STOP today.