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Brain health has become a popular endeavor. That isn’t just mental health or emotional health but the actual health of the brain muscle itself. Like any muscle, the brain needs exercise. Unfortunately, there are not many gyms or health clubs available for brain workouts. Imagine the scenario. What would a brain workout even look like? Would you break a sweat or burn some calories? Is it possible to gain brain muscle mass or get lean brain muscle mass by working out the brain?

workouts for your brain

Brain Exercises

Different activities have been researched as brain exercises which help to keep the brain healthy. For example, cognitive games can help increase memory and cognitive function. Companies such as Luminosity have revolutionized the idea of brain exercises. Others have been introduced with names like Brain Gym.


Dementia and disorders such as Alzheimer’s are illnesses of the mind which cause deterioration. Research has shown that these conditions are made worse when there is a decrease in brain exercise or activity. For example, someone with the beginning phases of dementia who does not continue to read, play games, or engage their mind, will rapidly worsen. The brain is a muscle in which, quite literally, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Making use of the brain is easy, however. Many things other than cognitive based activities can be used to exercise the brain in order to keep it healthy and help it to grow. Mindfulness and meditation are proven methods for increasing grey matter in the brain. Bringing more oxygen and focus to the brain encourage the growth of brain tissue which is ripe for imprinting new information and knowledge.

Get Moving

New research has found that a hybrid of physical exercise and mental exercise is the ticket to optimum health for mind and body. According to, “research suggests that high-intensity classes that include strategically times introspective moments a re a powerful way to boost your mood, improve your enjoyment of the workout— even make your brain healthier.” Meditation, they emphasize, has many health benefits. Fusing physical exercise with mind exercise can lead to better cognitive functioning, energy, awareness, focus, and feelings of wellbeing.


Aurora Recovery Centre includes physical exercise, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and more into their comprehensive treatment programs. In our effort to heal mind, body, and spirit, we focus on creating cutting edge treatment methods to enhance the recovery process. For more information on our residential programs of treatment, call 844-515-STOP.