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“Because there is always pain somewhere, even if it’s completely irrational pain,” actress, model, and international star Cara Delevingne expressed, “it’s always good to find it and get it out.” Cara opened to Elle Magazine about her experiences with yoga as a treatment component for her ongoing struggle with depression.

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Yoga for Depression

Without yoga as an avenue for channeling and releasing her emotions, Cara explains that she otherwise holds it in. Holding in her emotions results in physical manifestations which are destructive, namely, for the actress, her skin. Cara admits that her upbringing was less than emotion-positive. “I grew up in this very ‘Emotion is weak, head up, move on, onward and upward’ kind of way. Which is not healthy.” An advocate for survival and self-preservation through emotional processes, Cara carries a message to her fans: “I have been through that, and it’s going to be okay.”

Yoga as a treatment for depression works primarily in the effort of stress reduction. Mindfulness based stress reduction techniques are proven to reduce the intensity of stressful symptoms. Stress symptoms are inhibited through yoga because of the way yoga helps regulate internal stress response systems. For example, learning to center and be present with the breath in each moment is helpful in regulating the adrenaline fueled fight or flight response. Yoga’s mindful connectivity to breath and body helps individuals gain control of their heart rate and blood pressure. Increasing oxygen flow to the brain and body aids in deep relaxation as well as the development of grey matter in the brain, which makes room for more learning.

Eastern philosophy sees emotions as energy which moves through the body. Mental illnesses like depression cause an imbalance in emotion and its movement. As a result, emotion gets stored in the body with nowhere to go. The moving practice of yoga helps to activate emotional storage centers within the body and release the emotions. Furthermore, much of yoga is accompanied by the narration of a teacher imprinting lessons of nonjudgment, self-compassion, and loving-kindness. These affirmations further assist in releasing negative emotions toward the self which can come as a symptom of depression.


Yoga is not a standalone treatment for depression but can be an important part of a comprehensive care plan. At Aurora Recovery Center, we customize each treatment program to our patient’s individual needs. Offering recovery through evidence based treatment and spiritual healing Aurora is the start to a lifetime of wellness. Call us today for more information 1-844-515-STOP.


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