When it comes to addiction, most of us never stop to wonder exactly how much money we are spending year after year on substances. And we don’t really care either. But when we are ready to get addiction treatment, either we can’t get into a public program because of the wait times, or we experience sticker shock at the cost of going to private addiction treatment.

Depending on each person’s financial situation, affording private treatment will either be doable or harder to do. We get it. We’ve been there too.

What we may not realize at the time, due to the sticker shock, is that we’ve probably already spent many times the cost of private treatment, and will spend an equivalent amount in the next year or two. Multiply that by the amount of years that you will continue to use…you get the point – you’ll spend a LOT of money.

The difference between getting treatment and not, is that with treatment your life with ‘appreciate’. Everything will become better (even though it will be hard to get there – make no mistake).

Before dismissing the notion that private treatment is too expensive, we ask that you use the calculator below to get an idea of how much your addiction (or that of your loved one) is costing you financially.


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