Keeping up with your thoughts and experiences all day can be a challenge. Journaling is a time to get quiet and listen to yourself. What do you need to say? If you feel you don’t have anything to write, just start writing. You’ll be amazed how quickly the thoughts come to you. Profound realizations can occur during the journaling process. 

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As if your hand is channeling thoughts your mind didn’t know existed yet, your journal will contain the insight to your soul. New journaling trends are making a daily log of our experiences easier than ever. Bullet journaling and list making are easy, categorized ways to get your thoughts down.


Taking time at the beginning and end of each day to pray is an old but impactful practice. Many mistake prayer as a formal process. Spirituality in recovery encourages an open dialogue. Your higher power is listening to you all the time. Prayer is the time to talk things over with that higher power. Express your gratitude, concerns, and hopes for other people in your life. Ask for guidance on things which are unclear. In the mornings, you can set the intention for the day. Before bedtime, you can be thankful for making it through.


It is said that prayer is talking to a higher power while meditation is listening. Meditation as a practice has a ton of benefit. Science is increasingly proving that meditation is good for the heart, mind, body, and soul. For spiritual purposes, meditation is a time to quiet down from the inside out. Creating calm and quiet in the mind, you open yourself up to receiving wisdom from your inner knowledge and your higher power. Meditation for 20 minutes a day will improve your focus, mood, and spiritual connection. Many meditation apps exist to help you develop a daily practice.

Daily devotional or meditation readings

Sometimes our spiritual practices need direction. Using a daily devotional and daily meditation book can give us a focus for our prayer, meditation, and journaling. Read inspirational thoughts, quotes, lyrics, and more through these kinds of texts. You might find tasks in focused prayer or mindful activities throughout the day.


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