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Spirituality is a controversial part of recovery. Often, science and spirituality find themselves at odds. Recovery is a place where they successfully intersect. Spiritually based practices like mindfulness and meditation have been found to increase grey matter in the brain, enhance wellness, and reduce the symptoms of stress in all areas of the body. Spirituality is incredibly scientific. Creating a program of spirituality is part of being in a program of recovery. Thankfully, recovery is non-theistic. Spirituality is something of your own making. You get to to choose what you want to believe in and how you want to believe in it. Here are some tips for increasing your spirituality in the new year.

increase your spirituality

Define Your Spirituality

In recovery there is a lot of talk about a “higher power”. Make time in your schedule each day or each week for spiritual exploration. Read books, listen to podcasts, watch documentaries, or visit various spiritual institutions. Spiritual exploration is a critical part of spirituality, in fact, it is one of the most spiritual parts of being spiritual. Spiritual inquisition is a dedication to growing spiritually. On the journey to learning more, you often find you grow spiritually in the process.

Practice Meditation

Meditation is a quite time for spiritual contemplation. Many find meditation to be a place where they receive spiritual guidance from their higher consciousness, or the higher power of their making. For busy minds, meditation can be hard. Download an app like Headspace which guides you through building a meditation practice one day at a time.

Adopt Spiritual Tenets

Generosity, gratitude, respect, honor, forgiveness, humility, acceptance, kindness- all the do-right details of the golden rule are practices of spiritual tenets across multiple religions or spiritualities. Growing spiritually does not have to be defined by any specific text with any specific set of rules. Generally, spirituality means connecting to the greater good in life and practicing those principles in all of your affairs.

Aurora Recovery Centres understands the intimate connection between sobriety and spirituality. We offer our members a spiritual mentor to guide them in creating a spiritual relationship with themselves and a conception of the world which makes sense to them. Yoga, meditation, and spiritual practice are parts of our program to help cultivate a foundation for living rooted in spirituality. For more information on our residential treatment programs and continuum of care, call 844-515-STOP.