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Developing life skills is a core part of the treatment curriculum at Aurora Recovery Centre. Treatment for substance use disorders and mental health is about more than stopping harmful behaviors. It is about learning how to live life in a positively impactful way. This year, commit yourself to personal development so these essential life skills can carry you through another successful year sober.

develop life skills

Reflective Listening/ Active Listening:

Living with a mental illness can sometimes feel like living with two versions of yourself. It can be hard to pay attention to other people when you have so much going on inside your own mind. Reflective and active listening is a way to make sure you get what people are saying. As you transition into a job or back into a family situation, communication is key. Practice reflective listening by sitting forward when someone else speaks and keeping your eyes on their facial region. When they finish speaking, quickly reflect back to them what they said so you know you understand and they know you were listening.

Using Your Time Wisely: 

There are 24 hours in each day. They can either be full or empty. Despite such a full amount of hours, they can pass by very quickly! Use a scheduler or a calendar for a visual representation of what you have available in time. Don’t forget to make time for recovery meetings, self-care, and eating.

Honest, Open-Mindedness, and Willingness: 

This is the “HOW” of recovery. Being honest, open-minded and willing applies to more areas of life than sobriety. Use honesty with tact, be open-minded with safe precaution, and be willing to experience life on any level. Step forward into your life boldly this year and you will succeed.

Public Speaking:

Being in recovery and treatment for recovery from mental health and substance use disorders has actually prepared you for public speaking more than you might realize. Sharing in groups, learning how to effectively communicate your feelings, going to recovery support meetings and sharing there is all public speaking. You may not become a motivational speaker, but you can strive to be in leadership positions using your well rounded approach to speaking. You’ll find over time in sobriety, the way you speak gets better. Volunteer to lead meetings, speak at a speaker meeting, and participate in an H&I circuit.

Aurora Recovery Centre is leading the Manitoba community in recovery and sobriety with a full spectrum of care options from our beautiful residential treatment facility privately located on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. Recovery is possible. Let Aurora show you the way. 844-515-STOP.


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