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The world of addiction and mental health treatment are in a unique position with technology. Smart devices are becoming increasingly personalized, providing us with a wealth of support in our everyday lives. Today, there are hundreds of apps to help us develop practices for mindfulness and meditation. Apps can be helpful in bringing the practice closer.

Apps for meditation are helpful because they are habit building, offer a meditation studio without having to go anywhere, and can introduce new techniques for meditation.

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Here are Some Great Apps for Meditation

Buddhify provides a library of pre-recorded guided meditations.

Some people find it difficult to meditate in silence. There are certain disciplines of meditation that use nothing more than focus on the breath, or emptying the mind entirely. Meditation is still beneficial when it is done through a guided practice. In fact, visualization has proven to be as effective in enhancing life. Buddhify has a recorded meditation for all kinds of emotions, situations, and events including eating, or getting down on yourself. Utilizing mindfulness to build awareness of each situation, Buddhify helps to name certain emotions and work through them.

Headspace App Provides Data On Meditation Sessions

This widely popular app is a multi-week course in exploring different parts of meditation. Though the app asks for a monthly subscription fee of $12.95. The first ten meditations are free, and must be completed sequentially in order to open the next one. Some meditations start with a video that explains the concept of the meditation, or mindfulness. On top of the guided meditations is data on meditation sessions. Stats include: average meditation time, amount of days meditated in a row, time spent on the app, and number of sessions completed.

Calm App Has Guided Meditations

Calm also has a monthly membership that offers more services, but the free version of the app has a lot to offer in itself. Soothing sounds and background noises are what sets Calm apart. Simply choose a timer and a sound for self-meditation. Calm also has guided meditations available.


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