Aurora Recovery Centre

Nutritional Education

At Aurora Recovery Centre, our menus, snacks, and meals are designed especially for the recovering addict.

A healthy body is fueled by good nutrition to heal and maintain good physical and mental health.

Throughout active addiction, your body’s ability to maximize the nutrition it has received has been severely compromised and damaged over time. Your liver and other organs have had to focus on managing the toxic substances bombarding your body instead of dedicating themselves to your best health.

Sometimes, eating habits have been poor and erratic. Alcohol and other drugs have taken precedence and have had a major effect on appetite. Upset stomachs, ulcers, and other digestive ailments have impacted when and what is eaten, and how well the body has been able to utilize what it does receive.

Consuming Addictive Substances Damages the Body

As we consume more and more of these addictive substances, the liver has difficulty processing them. It takes more and more of the substance because our body builds a tolerance to the substance further causing the liver’s filtration system to be compromised. Ultimately the body begins to reject fluids and healthy sustenance. The body needs vitamins and minerals to help conduct the natural metabolic processes to digest foods, create the essential proteins to build muscle and to work up a healthy immune system.

We all are aware that poor nutrition has a negative impact on your body’s immune system. Contagious illnesses are easily contracted when the body is unhealthy. Poor health, fatigue, and the inability to concentrate are but a few of the inevitable symptoms of poor nutrition. At Aurora Recovery Centre, our menus, snacks, and meals are designed especially for the recovering addict. You will complete treatment with an awareness of your body’s ongoing nutritional needs and how to best meet them.

Nutrition Plans and Education

We understand that this will be a difficult time as we begin the detoxification program to help remove harmful substances and shortly after, begin addiction therapy. There are many reasons we must reintroduce a healthy nutrition plan to set the digestive system back into optimal condition. At Aurora we bring in nutritionists to help each and every individual going through our recovery treatment, to understand how their body functions and everything it needs to do so in a healthy way.

Understanding the ways of the digestive system and the negative effects of drugs and alcohol on the body can help people realize that in order to prolong their lives, they must make some necessary changes to it. Nutritionists and dietitians, will come into our treatment centre to assess every member’s current state of health. The dietitian will speak with you directly in order to understand the current diet plans you are supposed to adhere to, should they be prescribed by a doctor previously, and any desired goals you wish to achieve with your health. Occasionally it is weight loss or simply the full function of the body as it was before addiction. Exercise will help to support these healthy nutrition plans and provide added confidence. We provide an excellent space for daily walks and alternative forms of exercise should you decide to participate in them.

As the body heals, many changes will start to happen. The first of these changes begins with a clear mind and body. Healthy skin, hair, and energy in the body will follow. Our energy can help us feel hope rising within us to seek active and healthy recovery from substance abuse and behavioural addiction. Many addiction centres do not focus on healthy nutrition. At Aurora we know nutrition greatly supplements the mind. As our body heals, the mind heals as well. We can begin to understand the negative ways in which alcohol affected us, and we find that this healthy new lifestyle makes us feel much better than these addictive substances ever had before. We rely on our feelings and the way solving problems with a clear mind will affect our lives. We begin to build confidence and have the faith in ourselves to find alternative ways to deal with stressful situations.

Nutrition Can Build Discipline

Through nutrition education and caring for our bodies, we learn discipline. As we develop a functional diet plan that supplements our journey to recovery, we learn that abstinence from certain addictive behaviours and foods can greatly increase our ability to abstain from harmful substances. Nutrition is the key to a healthy mind and healthy body, and we at Aurora Recovery Centre believe in the commitment that will take us straight to our goal. As you see the physical changes to your body, you gain a glow to your skin, a youthful appearance begins to show and energy, you will feel that you can recover from anything. You will no longer be vulnerable to addictive substances and behaviors when you have the health and wealth of your body, mind and spirit.

Call Aurora Recovery Centre today to find out more about our nutrition plans and how we can help you move the mountain of recovery.