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Sober Living

Sober living can provide a person in recovery with the opportunity to do whatever they desire to do with each day of their lives.

A new way of life requires new attitudes, new behaviours, and recovery practices on a daily basis.

Abstinence without recovery is a lonely place, full of fear, anger, and self-pity. Abstinence alone will not give you the life your sobriety can provide. People often call this “white knuckle sobriety.” This type of sobriety means you are hanging on to it tightly and resenting every moment of it. It means experiencing feelings of not belonging anywhere. You don’t fit with the drinkers anymore. You don’t fit in with the social drinkers, or people abstinent by personal choice. You are abstinent and unhappy.

Understanding Sobriety

Sobriety is so much more than not drinking or using. Abstinence is the first and absolute requirement for a change in how you feel, how you live, and how you experience sober living. Sober living can provide you with the opportunity to do whatever you desire to do with your life each day. Sober living is facing the day’s events matching crisis with calm and reasonable solutions. Sober living is making a bad situation better rather than contributing to it becoming worse.

Sober living is being aware of others’ feelings and needs, helping wherever you can to make someone else’s life a little better for having been involved with it, even for a few moments. Sober living is dealing with feelings daily, talking things over with others, dealing with fears and resentments promptly. Sober living is not ignoring your feelings or pushing them aside, but understanding them through an open lens of awareness. Sober living is growing spiritually and emotionally continually, one day at a time. Sober living is behaving maturely as a result of changed attitudes and learned sober living skills. Sober living results in your respect of others, and their respect for you. Sober living is an all-inclusive practice that carries you out of isolation and into a new world of possibility.

What does sober living include?

Sober living rewards include harmony with others, a spirit of courage with an openness to grow and change. Sober living results in a life made up of days gone by where all past things have been addressed, not stored or avoided and without the burdens of yesterday. Sober living brings a heightened appreciation of all things good in your life, with courage and willingness to tackle things not yet resolved. A priceless reward of sober living is the joy of anticipating another new day. The rewards of sober living are entirely dependent upon using the sober living tools, faith in your form of spirituality, attitudes, and behaviours that encourage rather than alienate others. You will be given the tools you will need in your treatment with us here at Aurora Recovery Centre. These sober living methods will always work if you choose to use them on a daily basis.

Aurora Sober Living

Our sober living program here at Aurora Recovery Centre is a structured living facility for those pursuing an active life in recovery. Sober living programs are for those who have gone through recovery programs such as inpatient or full time living programs. We understand that life after recovery may require added assistance.

Sober living is designed to help you restore real world aspects of independence into your life. Through sober living, you will learn to work within the community and develop communication skills and be ultimately surrounded by those living the sober life. We offer job assistance and drug testing throughout your time living in the Aurora sober living facility. This program will help you stay on track while taking on everything outside of the center with your eyes open. You will seek gainful employment and have access to 12-step programs and day services. Depending on your unique situation, the details will be discussed further with you and your intake counselor.

Sober living programs are a safely crafted space that is geared to helping those in a fragile state, but ready to take on the world, achieve their first steps into normal everyday life. We know that there will be trials, but if you can come home to a space that is full of people with the same goals, you are less likely to relapse and seek destructive behaviour. When we see others in our community of recovery doing well, we can see that we can do it too. We can live sober, happy, healthy and become much more than we once thought we could.


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