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Spiritual Care & Mentoring

At Aurora Recovery Centre, our spiritual care and mentoring provides the tools to help every member discover their own spirituality.

Your spirit is the essence of who you are.

It is often said addiction is a disease that attacks the spirit but it also can destroy it. Any treatment program for addiction which leaves out the spiritual needs of their members has left out their member! Through active addiction, people often forsake their previous spiritual beliefs and are no longer able to attend to the health of their spirit. This state creates a huge and empty space within oneself that can feel lost and forgotten. All material things, and even love for another cannot fill the space; alcohol and other drugs cannot fill it. There is little hope of permanent recovery if this vast emptiness is not addressed. Our soul needs to be nurtured through spiritual means; everyone can feel this in one form or another. It doesn’t matter what your spiritual needs are, but they need to be addressed.

Rediscover Your Spirituality

At Aurora Recovery Centre, our spiritual care and mentoring provides the tools to help you in discovering your own spirituality. It may mean reconnecting with a form spirituality that you once had. It may mean you discover another means of expressing your spiritual needs that works better for you. Aurora does not encourage you to walk any particular path toward finding your personal spirituality. It must belong to you, with faith it will work for you when you are experiencing difficulties and there seems no trustworthy direction to take.

Many people find that through their personal trials of life, there is something missing and it may have taken them years to come to this point of looking for something deeper or bigger than themselves in the world. If you find that you would like to participate in church gatherings, or if you would like to find solace in meditation and some type of higher power, we will help you fulfill these spiritual needs. Often our members find comfort in the way the connection of the mind and body come together through many different treatments that can be found under the spiritual umbrella.

Don’t Be Afraid to Explore

Each person is unique in their understanding and practice of spiritual growth. Some find it in their religion, some find it in nature, some in cultural values and beliefs and other ways. It is critical to your full recovery, and your enriched sobriety. It is very hard to remain clean and sober with the spiritual void left unaddressed. You will find your spirit beginning to heal as you work with our spiritual care specialists. In order for many of us to find value in and express comfort in the human condition, the belief in something greater than ourselves is the key. We feel connected to one another through the means of spirituality.

Finding spirituality can bring happiness to our lives, and addiction can be the antithesis of this. We abuse our bodies through addiction, mentally, physically and spiritually without regard for our body and the life we are putting in danger. When we learn to love ourselves through spiritual means, we understand our bodies are sacred and that we must take care of ourselves. No matter what spiritual path you decide to take, the main message is the same in that we must care for this vessel we were given because we usually only get one (depending on the religion or belief it may be more).

We invite you to explore through literature and personal experience, all the beauty that spirituality can show us. It can help those suffering from addiction and give them hope for something after addiction. Life is beautiful, and when we learn to accept love and give love, love can be received. We must surround ourselves with the most positive things as we move through recovery. Recovery is a difficult space and those affected question everything in the deepest and darkest parts of the mind, body and soul.

Spirituality Benefits:

  • Helps people overcome instances of relapse
  • Offers a base of support
  • Adds value to life and recovery
  • Boosts confidence
  • Helps lower feelings of depression and loneliness


Learning to discover something new in our spiritual realm can be uncomfortable or confusing when it isn’t something that we are used to. At Aurora Recovery Centre, we look to help each and every member explore these different spiritual paths with spiritual mentors, should they choose to look into something new. We can set up prayer meetings, spiritual guidance sessions and exercise therapies that will combine the spiritual aspects of life and teachings each week. These sessions can incorporate meditation and mindfulness that can be utilized throughout your everyday lifestyle. Many people in the world find comfort through meditation and mindfulness exercises. Our spiritual mentors can offer a variety of spiritual teachings for you to explore and find which works best for you.

Remember, we are not a “one size fits all” treatment facility. We provide what the individual needs within our flexible structure. Aurora will provide you with everything you need to feed and enrich your spirit, mind and body. We support your recovery by providing strong mentorship and every opportunity for you to develop spiritually.


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