Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Aurora Recovery Centre (ARC) is a world-class addiction and mental health rehabilitation centre that provides safe, comfortable, holistic, evidence-based treatments, 24-hour medical detox, and continuing care for our members.

We promise to deliver specific, specialized and personalized treatment programs for all of our members. Through our purpose, philosophy, programs, and continuing care, we ensure that our members and alumni have the tools to overcome their addiction.

After treatment, we maintain a relationship with our alumni through our Continuing Care program and provide a recovery warranty in case someone relapses, exemplifying our commitment and confidence in what we do.

Addiction Treatment Programs Lengths

*The above number of days are "treatment program" only and do not include the number of days a member stays in detox.

All Addiction Treatment Programs Include:

Description Included
24/7 medical detox to safely and comfortably eliminate substances from your body

(Days spent in detox are not included in your treatment program days)
Access to a full interdisciplinary team including addiction & clinical counsellors, therapists, family program director, nurse practitioners, doctors, psychiatrists, and member care specialists.
Continuing Care program - Includes comprehensive Recovery Plan, weekly meetings, ARC Squad engagement, and more

(When we say "Recovery for Life", we mean it - access Continuing Care for as long as you want)
Intensive 3-day family program that includes 18 hours of counselling for two family members

(Value $1500+)
1-on-1 counselling session for each family member who takes the 3-day family program
1-on-1 counselling session for each member upon leaving Aurora
World-class modern accommodations with double sinks and double showers

(Semi-private room with comfortable bed; Private rooms available on request)
ARC Fit: Customized physical fitness program

(Largest private indoor pool in MB, cardio equipment, weight training, yoga, trail walking, meditation, and more)
3 healthy, nutritious meals per day and snacks throughout the day with juice and smoothie bar

(Nutritional education and planning is also provided)
Personalized treatment programs including group, individual & adjunctive therapies, EMDR, and more
Medical and psychiatric services

(24/7 nursing staff; MD/Nurse Practitioner on site weekly and on call 24/7)
Safe, access-only facility
Sober Living and Transitional Housing (as applicable)
Recovery Warranty (Available for treatment programs of 45 days or more)
Welcome packet including books: Alcoholics Anonymous, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, and Daily Reflections

(Pickup in Winnipeg; All transportation necessary for special appointments, any group sessions outside of the Centre, etc.)
Auricular acupuncture, Traditional ceremonies such as daily smudging and weekly sweat lodge (alternating male/female), women’s sharing circles
Gratitude ceremony
Services for an additional cost include: private rooms, massage, haircuts, Tuck shop, non-withdrawal medications

Please note: Besides withdrawal medications, medical expenses are not covered by provincial health or personal insurance. There is no PST or GST for residential stays.

Aurora Recovery Centre’s (ARC) treatment process consists of a member-first culture and stands on three pillars that reflect our philosophy toward our members’ recovery: HealConnect and Recover. These pillars guide the process in which we heal our members’ minds, bodies and spirits, reconnect them with their true selves and their community, and provide them with the tools they need to recover for life.

Our treatments are holistic and evidence-based through psychological and spiritual principles and practices. We base our treatments on the Twelve Steps philosophy, but understand that some people may want an alternative approach, so we adjust their plan to incorporate a different option.

We base our treatments for mental health disorders on the most advanced medical, psychological and therapeutic protocols. We also conduct a number of adjunctive therapies that support the overall treatment plan of helping our members heal and connect with others in the recovery community.

ARC’s Addiction Treatment Process


Detox & Assessment: Healing at ARC begins with a safe 24/7 medical detox. While a member is in detox we complete addiction, clinical and psychiatric assessments to provide a foundation for their personalized treatment plan with specific goals.

Personalized Treatment: Our expert clinicians ensure our group, individual and adjunctive therapeutic programming is professional, effective and fits with the specific needs of each member.

Case managers become the single point of contact for the member and their family to the interdisciplinary team.

Addiction & clinical counsellors, therapists, family program director, nurse practitioners, doctors, psychiatrists, and member care specialists.

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Group Programming: Connection to others in recovery is critical. Members build new healthy relationships within ARC to prepare them for recovery for life. To achieve a strong connection for our members to live in the recovery community, we conduct peer-to-peer group therapies, 12-step meetings, adjunctive therapies and structured activities.
Family Program:  Family engagement plays a key role in the member’s recovery for life. Throughout the treatment process, members and their loved ones learn to overcome the challenges of addiction, set healthy boundaries, rebuild relationships, and integrate the family into the member’s personalized recovery plan. Our weekly Family Group and Intensive Family Program prepare loved ones for their own recovery for life.

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Back to Work: When a member leaves treatment, ARC continues to assess and monitor that member and their reintegration into relationships at work, home, and social circles. These transitions can be difficult and ARC’s staff are always available for consultation.
Continuing Care: Every member prepares a comprehensive, evidence-based recovery plan before leaving  ARC. By applying what they learned in treatment, receiving ongoing support from ARC’s staff, participating in continuing care programs, and following the actions established in their continuing recovery plan, alumni members have the tools to maintain their recovery for life.

Family Programming

Our Family Programming starts while members are in treatment. Every Sunday, families visit their loved ones and have a group session. Programming continues for family members after a member completes their program.

Our family program consists of:

  • 18 hours of programming
  • One-on-one counselling session
  • Addresses issues that families face with their loved one’s addiction
  • Available to families who have someone at our centre/about to leave

*Family Programming is also available to families not attending Aurora inpatient centre.

Treatment Program Recovery Warranties

We understand that there is a chance our members may struggle with their sobriety. Our recovery packages are available for people who feel they need some assistance with their recovery, fear of relapse, or do relapse.

45 Day Admission

Includes 14-day Recovery Warranty

(without detox)

60 Day Admission

Includes 30-day Recovery Warranty

(without detox)

90 Day Admission

Includes 30-day Recovery Warranty

(without detox)


At Aurora Recovery Centre (ARC), we understand the cost of treatment can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer financing options for all ARC’s programs.

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What to Bring

We want our member’s stay to be comfortable and safe for them and others. This list lets you know what and what not to bring while you or your loved one comes to ARC.


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