Adjunctive Therapies

Aurora’s adjunctive therapies support our goal to Heal, Connect, and Recover. These therapies enhance the healing process, and member participation is elective for most therapies. But in the end, these treatments help with the overall success of our members’ lives in recovery.

ARC has the size, scale, facilities, and resources to offer a wide variety of adjunctive therapies that smaller centres can’t. Our centre has an indoor pool, yoga studio, game room, entertainment room, spacious grounds for exercise and activities, and credentialed, caring and compassionate staff to provide these therapies.

adjunctive therapy aquafit

I am extremely happy that I could address my addiction and get into recovery through Aurora. The centre is top notch. All of their staff are so kind, caring, professional, and dedicated. I felt so relaxed and at peace trying out the different programs they had like yoga, fitness training, and the aqua-fit classes.

I always felt that my care and well-being was top priority every day. The food wasn’t only delicious, but nutritious and prepared by an excellent chef.

Neil S.


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Adjunctive Therapies

Art Therapy


auricular acupuncture therapy

Auricular Acupuncture Therapy

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Massage Therapy

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Sweat Lodge

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Yoga Studio and Instructor

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