ARC FIT allows our members to heal and strengthen their bodies. Programs are beginner-friendly and can accommodate high-performance athletes as well.

By learning how to take care of your body through proper nutrition and exercise that’s right for your body, you will to learn discipline, patience, and become more determined in your every day life.

At Aurora Recovery Centre (ARC), our members learn how to take care of themselves and to understand what their body needs through our medically sanctioned personal exercise program. Each member’s exercise plan is based upon medical recommendation and the member’s physical tolerance, capacity and preference.

How does it work?

ARC FIT starts with meeting Aurora Recovery Centre’s personal trainer for an initial 20-30 minute assessment.

Our personal trainer will create a personal program and give specific exercise actions to our members. While our members are welcome to their own workouts, members need to follow their own program faithfully to see the best possible results.

Our personal fitness exercise program includes:

  • Beautiful walking trails
  • A gold-standard exercise facility
  • Largest private indoor swimming pool in Manitoba
  • Various equipment for outdoor games and exercise
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Access to a certified personal trainer

Throughout our members’ training, their programs and assessments will be updated every two weeks. They are welcome to also get a before and after picture.

There are only three rules for ARC FIT that allow our members to fulfill their personal goals.

These rules are:

  • Make everyone feel welcome
  • Celebrate each workout
  • Clean up after yourself

Fitness Assessment and Re-assessment/Personal Training

ARC FIT assessments include biometrics, body composition, postural analysis, strength tests, flexibility tests, and aerobic VO2 tests. Members receive their ARC FIT Exercise Program, reflecting their personal fitness goals. They are expected to follow these programs while re-assessing bi-weekly.

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ARC FIT Group Exercise Classes

ARC FIT offers group classes so members can explore different activities and try new things. The group classes have a minimum of two members at a time. If a class is canceled, our personal trainer will open that time for a private training session, which may include personal training or a specialty program.

Specialty programs include:

  • ArcoYoga
  • Dance (Jazz, Hip Hop, Hula, Haka, and Ballet)
  • Kickboxing Drills (pad work)
  • Chi Kung
  • Recoup and Recovery
  • Acrobatics
  • Circus and Balancing
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This class is one of the best total body workouts because it’s great cardio and toning class that has no impact. This makes it safer for our members’ joints. Because of the water pressure, it’s the only workout that feels like someone is getting a message.


Our personal trainer teaches our members jazz, tap, breakdance or salsa partner dancing, hip hop, hula, haka, and ballet.

Group Circuit: Fat Burn

This is a short, 15 to 20-minute class that high-intensity interval training, which burns fat and builds muscles in short bursts of exercise.


Grinds, Complexes, Cleans and Ballistics.  Members use their hundreds of muscles at once while working to burn fat and increase core strength.

Kung Fu

Members use the most ancient of structured spiritual warrior training to work on their conditioning, flexibility, and they learn the techniques of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Nutrition Workshop

Monthly nutrition fundamentals workshop for all members.

Recoup and Recovery Rehabilitation

If members are recovering from an injury, the recoup and recovery session is a personal fitness session that helps them find their baseline. This is member-specific training that builds on existing strengths. It addresses prior injuries and conditions. A kinesiologist supervises any existing physiotherapy prescriptions.

Scientific Stretch

Flexibility keeps our bodies strong and less prone to injury. This class allows members to learn the proper way to stretch and maximizes efficiency and effectiveness.


Members turn the ARCFIT studio into a world-beat fitness dance gall to burn calories to some of the latest beats.


People living with an addiction or mental illness often neglect their body’s need for certain foods leading them to be malnourished. Having a well-rounded, balanced diet that is catered for your specific body is essential to healing not only your body, but to improve your mental health during your recovery process.

Depending on a person’s addiction, different health issues can arise and their bodies will need different diets to regain their strength. For example, those addicted to stimulants often have low levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Meanwhile, opiate users typically are deficient in iron, calcium and vitamins D and B6.

Common nutritional issues due to an addiction include:

  • Vitamin deficiencies and their respective physical or mental manifestations
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Weakened immune system
  • Digestive problems
  • Ulcers
  • Depression or anxiety

At ARC, our nutritionists and dietitians work with each of our members to identify what their personal health goals are and how to achieve them. Executive chefs prepare specific snacks and meals for people who are in recovery.

Our nutritional therapy aims to:

  • Heal and nourish the body
  • Stabilize mood and reduce feelings of stress
  • Reduce cravings
  • Identify and treat co-occurring disorders that have resulted from substance abuse or vice-versa
  • Encourage self-care and a healthy lifestyle

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