Family Programs and Counselling

People with addiction who have co-occurring mental health disorders aren’t the only ones that suffer. Their families and friends also are affected by the addiction or disorder. At Aurora Recovery Centre, we assist the families and loved ones of our members with their own recovery. We have a variety of different Family Group sessions, programming, and workshops that happen weekly. We also have an intensive Family Program workshop that covers a variety of topics and includes tools for the family to change how they can more effectively support the member’s recovery. Our family programming allows people to find peace and contentment in their own lives, whether the addict is in recovery or not.

The Family Program workshop helps family members learn about addiction and mental health recovery concepts such as:

  • The addictive illness
  • Enabling
  • Self-care
  • 12-step philosophies
  • Family and relational dynamics
  • Co-dependency
  • Coping Strategies
  • Boundaries
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The Family Program takes place while your loved one is in treatment, so you have the tools and information you need to help your loved one.

Additional counselling and therapy sessions are available for loved ones, friends, alumni, couples, and families through our ARC Counselling centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We also have video conference sessions for those unable to attend our offices in Winnipeg. We can also refer you to counsellors and therapists in most major cities in Canada who follow a philosophy of treatment similar to ours.

Family Day and Family Group

Family Group Introduction occurs every Sunday at 10:30 AM CST.

Addiction is a family disease—loved ones require healing too, not just the person with the addiction. This introductory meeting will help inform and support the loved ones of the member. You will learn about healthy ways to support your loved one’s recovery, and be provided with the necessary resources for healing as a family.

Family Day visitation occurs on Sundays from 1 to 4 PM CST. For everyone’s health and safety, the member must have submitted the request for your visit to their primary counsellor for approval in advance. Generally, the first visitation is available in the week following transition from detox to regular programming. If you have questions, please contact your member’s primary counsellor.

Safety of our members and staff is of utmost importance and as a result, there are limitations and guidelines on items that you may bring for your loved one. Details of what you can and cannot bring will be provided prior to the visitation but generally, outside electronic devices, scented hygiene products, food or drink products, are not allowed into the facility. You will be asked to check in any items prior to visitation.

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