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Restore Your Spirituality

Many people say that addictions attack the spirit, but it also can destroy it. Treating addictions need to have a spiritual component for the purpose to fully recover and rediscover themselves. A treatment program that doesn’t nurture someone’s spirituality and the freedom to express themselves is harmful, that’s why we enforce our members to explore different spiritual beliefs. 

People with addictions often feel empty, lost, and forgotten. They fill the voids they feel with materialistic things and their addiction rather than up-keeping with their spiritual health. 

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Don’t Be Afraid to Explore

It’s vital for you to make a full recover to engage in your own form of spirituality. Otherwise, it’s difficult to stay clean and sober. At Aurora Recovery Centre (ARC), you’ll find your spirit beginning to heal as you work with our spiritual care specialists. 

When we learn to love ourselves through a spiritual means, we understand our bodies are sacred and that we must take care of ourselves physically and mentally. 

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ARC staff encourages our members to read through literature and reflect on their personal experiences because it helps not only hope but a sense of self, which helps with healing themselves.

When we learn to accept love and give love, love can be received.

We suggest that our members surround themselves with the positive things as they reach recovery.

Benefits of Practicing Spirituality

  • Helps people overcome instances of relapse
  • Offers a base of support
  • Adds value to life and recovery
  • Boosts self confidence
  • Helps lower feelings of depression and loneliness

There is little hope for permanent recovery if this vast emptiness is not addressed. 

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At Aurora Recovery Centre, our spiritual care and mentoring provides the tools to help you in discovering your own spirituality. It may mean reconnecting with a form of spirituality you once had. It may mean you discover another means of expressing your spiritual needs that works better for you. Aurora does not encourage you to walk any particular path toward finding your personal spirituality. It must belong to you. With faith, it will work for you when you are experiencing difficulties and there seems no trustworthy direction to take.

If you find that you would like to participate in church gatherings, or if you would like to find solace in meditation and some type of higher power, we will help you fulfill these spiritual needs. Often our members find comfort in the way the connection of the mind and body come together through many different treatments that can be found under the spiritual umbrella.


Learning to discover something new in the realm of spirituality can be uncomfortable or confusing at first. At Aurora Recovery Centre, we look to help each and every member explore these different spiritual paths with spiritual mentors, should they choose to look into something new.

We can arrange prayer meetings, spiritual guidance sessions and exercise therapies that will combine the spiritual aspects of life and teachings each week. These sessions can incorporate meditation and mindfulness, which can be utilized throughout your everyday lifestyle. Our spiritual mentors offer a variety of spiritual teachings and practices for members to explore.

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Aurora is not a one-size-fits-all treatment facility. We provide what the individual needs within our flexible structure. Aurora will provide you with everything you need to feed and enrich your spirit, mind and body. We support your recovery by providing strong mentorship and every opportunity for you to develop spiritually.

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