Tracy: My name is Tracy Sanderson, and I brought my daughter Kelsie to Aurora. She was there for 70 days. When I took her there, she was a full-blown addict, and a mess, and when I picked her up, she was in full recovery. I often tell people it was like meeting my adult daughter for the first time.

When Kelsie was deep into her addiction, trying to keep her alive was very difficult. She got into a treatment centre. There was no continued care. She started using again. I lost my youngest daughter in December, 2013, to a Fentanyl overdose. I said to my husband, “I can’t do this anymore and I can’t lose another child.” Continually walking into my garage and finding her slumped over in a nod and reliving the death of my daughter over and over and over again. Finally getting her in to see a doctor who was very clear and saying she had one month to live if she continued down the path that she was going to continue.

We made the decision to get her into Aurora. She was seeing a trauma counsellor, also an addictions counsellor. Every Sunday I would go out on the family visits, and each week our relationship got stronger.

Kelsie: I was able to go swimming with my son, and me and him were able to bond, and then play air hockey with him. I taught him how to attempt to play ping pong, and he liked watching people play pool on the pool table.

Tracy: She moved back home with her father and I. She knew what she needed to do for her own recovery, and it worked. I thank God we were able to get her into Aurora, and for the hard work she did. My family is doing great… my family is doing great.


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