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Stories of Recovery - Victoria

Victoria, originally from Montreal, worked at some of Canada’s top restaurants as a cook until her addiction cost her a job. She tried six treatment programs prior to ARC. She started smoking weed as a teenager, but that soon escalated to using other drugs such as crack cocaine, opioids and methadone. Before entering Aurora, she was on 29 different medications. Since leaving Aurora, she is now more than eight months sober.

Victoria started using drugs at about 12 years old. Over the course of the years, she struggled with her addiction to methadone, opioids, crack and cocaine. Her last day of working at one of Montreal’s top restaurants was in 2016. After that, she was in and out of treatment programs. After ARC’s program, she’s now 10 months sober.

Part 1

Victoria started using marijuana in high school with friends. After graduating, she didn’t feel like going to college. Instead, she attended a culinary program which gave her the opportunity to work in some of Canada’s top restaurants in Montreal. However, her addiction to alcohol cost Victoria her job and her addiction escalated to cocaine, crack cocaine and opioids. She was tired of always feeling sick due to the drugs, so she got onto methadone to help ease the symptoms but continued to use. Victoria tried six other treatment programs prior to Aurora and all were unsuccessful. Now, after a lengthy stay of six months at our centre, she’s more than eight months sober. Victoria says she feels alive again. 

Part 2

Victoria starting smoking weed when she was about 12 years old. In her teenage years, she tried different drugs and became addicted to alcohol, cocaine, crack and methadone. She went on to do an intense culinary program in college where she thrived. However, her addiction consumed her life, which caused her to lose her job as a sous chef at one of Montreal’s top restaurants.


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