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Expert Addiction Recovery Treatment

The good news is that addiction is a treatable illness and millions of people are in quality, sustained recovery. Would you like to join them? If so, we can help regardless of whether or not you feel ready or have tried before. Contact us now for your confidential consultation.

Recovery For Life

What’s stopping you from getting expert help designed specifically for the problem you have? For many folks it’s a lack of trust, a need to be independent and resistance towards letting go of a coping tool that has always been there for you. We understand. As human beings our first instinct when something is wrong is to look around our environment and see what’s causing it. We begin making environmental changes as a solution. A new partner, living situation, job, etc. Eventually it dawns on us that the common denominator in our problems is us. What a potent moment of awareness. Initially painful, this awareness means we can no longer blame external circumstances, people and institutions for our addictive behaviours. The beauty of this moment is that if the problem is within you, you can do something about it. No longer do you need to try to control and manage people, places and things around you. You can become empowered. With the right education and support you can be in recovery for life

How Do You Know We Are Right For You?

When you make the call to Aurora one of the most important areas we’ll explore with you is what resources you have in your life. Do you have dreams that were left behind in childhood? Do you have relationships with people who care deeply about your wellbeing? Do you have a supportive employer? Are you resilient? In other words, what are we working with in terms of areas to nurture and empower and nourish.

It’s our job to find the little sparks of life, the spirit that has been buried, the sparks of light that can be nourished and fanned into life. Finding yourself depleted, bewildered by the state you’re in, it may feel incredibly difficult to muster up the motivation to make changes. That’s where we come in, providing a guiding light, tools, nourishment for body, mind and soul.

Prior to seeking treatment it’s common to believe that if you can control your dependence, detox from your substance or change your outer circumstances you’’ll be recovered. Unfortunately it’s not that simple.

The complexities of being human mean the dependence is woven into the fiber of your being. In other words, removing or controlling the substance, situation or behaviour is the tip of the iceberg.

Motivation is everything when it comes to renovating a life and so we look at what you have that inspires you to be well and that supports wellness and that is worth getting better for. Additionally we identify any obstacles that need to be removed. What areas do we need to heal and grow and develop?

We call this process identifying Recovery Capital. We respect your entire experience, taking into account every facet of your life and identifying what will support or obstruct your recovery.

Our full service addiction recovery centre focuses on your biological, physical, spiritual and psychological well-being, using evidence based modalities. We pride ourselves on creating sustainable recovery by using a recovery management system and tailoring treatment to each individual.

All therapeutic groups, individual counselling sessions, and psycho-educational components are presented from a strengths based perspective that builds on the individuals existing assets. Our evidence-based, continuum of care consists of three phases:

  • 24/7 supervised medical detox
  • Medical, addiction and mental health assessments
  • Physical stabilization
  • Counsellors become the single point of contact for you and your family and are the link to the interdisciplinary team. Our counsellors, family program director, nurse practitioners, doctors, psychiatrists, and support staff are committed to providing the best treatment available.
  • You’ll experience a structured, therapeutic environment that facilitates accountability and connection so you can build a solid foundation on which to achieve sustained recovery.
  • You’ll receive a personalized post-treatment recovery management plan, access to our Continuing Care program for life, and are encouraged to be part of our thriving recovery community.
  • Recovery management may include onsite or offsite extended care, access to staff as required, referrals to sober living and transitional housing, resources for family and more.

We work closely with you and your family throughout the entire continuum of care. Our 24/7 medical withdrawal unit is the only one of its kind in Manitoba. Our highly trained medical professionals support you through the withdrawal process. This ensures you transition smoothly and safely from medical supervision to inpatient treatment.Our medical withdrawal unit clinical counsellor meets with you to assess your needs and initiates your individualized treatment plan.

Treatment plans are personalized with a broad range of treatment options. Examples include:

  • Gender-specific group therapy sessions
  • Mixed 12-Step groups or alternative peer support groups
  • Educational lectures, group therapy
  • CBT, DBT, Somatic Therapy and adjunctive therapies
  • Specialists in Depression, Anxiety, Disordered Eating, PTSD, Gaming, Gambling, Sex Addiction, Shame Resilience and more
  • Spiritual ceremonies including Sweat Lodges are available

Please note that all treatment plans include a complimentary therapeutic family program, for two family members, delivered online over an 6 week period. The facility, previously a lakeside resort, has been updated to perfectly suit the needs of a premier treatment centre. On 25 acres, set in the serenity of nature, we are located on the shores of Lake Winnipeg one hour north of Winnipeg, in Gimli Manitoba.

The facility includes:

  • Common recreational areas, guitar, piano, fireplace, crafts
  • Semi-private rooms with double sinks
  • Fitness centre & yoga studio
  • Indoor pool

Many of our staff are in sustained recovery and understand the challenges that you are facing. We bring empathy, expertise and encouragement to each individual in our care. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect here at Aurora.

Your Call Is Confidential

We respect your privacy and confidentiality and provide expertise grounded in genuine authenticity. Taking action is the beginning of change and the first step on your journey towards recovery for life. We’d genuinely love to connect with you.


Everything shared with us is kept strictly confidential and we’re happy to make recommendations if you need a different level of care than we provide. Feel free to reach out, we’re here for you.

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