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Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program is for adults who suffer from alcohol dependence, substance use, process addictions and mental health disorders. Participants are engaged in building, or restoring their recovery foundation, while simultaneously incorporating new behaviours into their day to day lives. You’ll gain insight into the neurobiological illness of addiction and how it has impacted all facets of your life. With support you’ll develop new healthy behaviours and improve the quality of your life and relationships. Your commitment to this process creates accountability and connection. All participants must be either fully detoxed or on a managed taper to abstinence protocol. Services are professionally delivered at our Winnipeg location.

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is beneficial at various points on your recovery journey.

Introduction to Recovery

Intensive outpatient addiction treatment is a comprehensive program that gives you everything you need to build a solid recovery foundation. The chronic nature of dependence means that it’s progression eventually leads to crisis. Most people use their resources to manage and control their dependence until those resources don’t work anymore. That’s where we come in. An IOP can serve the needs of those who need a lower level of care than residential treatment provides.

After or Combined with Residential Treatment

After completing residential treatment you can continue your recovery program with a graduated process. This allows you to integrate the new tools and behaviours into your daily life with the added benefit of a comprehensive and structured program. As part of a recovery management system, an IOP can be connected with a shorter stay in residential treatment. Transitioning directly from residential treatment into an IOP can be very effective.

For Further Development of Your Recovery

As you grow and heal you’ll likely discover different facets of yourself that would benefit from an IOP experience. Some of the common themes that people encounter in their recovery are:

  • Relationship challenges around communication and boundaries.
  • Compulsive behaviours developing in other areas of your life.
  • Past trauma and/or grief surfacing.

Whether your recovery journey has just begun or you’re looking to take your recovery to the next level, our experienced addiction treatment professionals will provide the support you need to change your life.

Our Exceptional Intensive Outpatient Program Offers:

  • Ongoing intake for accessible service
  • Small groups with a maximum of 10 participants
  • Group therapy and 8 one on one therapy sessions
  • Education on the neurobiological aspects of addiction and recovery
  • Biopsychosocial informed; reflecting addiction through the complex interaction of biological factors (genetic, biochemical, etc.), psychological factors (mood, personality, behavior, etc.) and social factors (cultural, familial, socioeconomic, etc.)
  • Evidence-based treatment modalities
  • Psychoeducational sessions providing tools for sustained recovery
  • Understanding motivation and stages of change
  • Identifying barriers to recovery
  • Family dynamics and rebuilding personal relationships
  • Concurrent disorder informed individualized care
  • Open ended continuing care

Our outpatient services are delivered virtually via Zoom.
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Everything shared with us is kept strictly confidential and we’re happy to make recommendations if you need a different level of care than we provide. Feel free to reach out, we’re here for you.

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