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“I learned so much. The educational sessions. The people that were there. The pathways I learned about. They gave me a solid footing. I will never forget them, and I am eternally grateful for the time they put into their craft.”

– Michael C.

“Without Aurora I wouldn’t be here. I truly believe that everything I went through in life. The good, the bad, the ugly, was in God’s plans so that I could understand and be of service to those caught in addiction and suffering.”

– Sherry G.

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This is a top of the line recovery centre.

“Excellent staff and diverse programs to suit different addictions and recovery paths. I personally feel that this centre saved my life and gave me tools to continue on a positive recovery journey upon discharge. My family also had the opportunity to participate in a program to assist them in living with me after I returned home. The aftercare is also excellent and I have maintained long lasting friendships with many alumni that I met during my time there. Highly recommended!”
– Becky I.

Thank you Aurora, I am so grateful I found you.

“I was at Aurora Recovery Centre almost two years ago. I was in a very bad way. I was done with life honestly. Gave too much of myself, got lost trying to help myself when nothing gave me relief from my inner hell. Outpatient programs/community mental health support was poor. Out-patient psychiatrists do not follow the patients they finally after months get to assess, diagnose and offer medication for treatment.
What do you do with meds that need titration? Symptom changes? Life challenges? No discussion of other support networks or other avenues of treatment. One night I was very serious about ending my life. My husband had left for work out of town. I felt absolutely worthless and nothing helped me sleep, relax, stop crying, end that empty ‘I’m so done with this’ feeling. I’d been like this for so long. It was like no one cared to understand me, help me get my pieces put back together. I called the Aurora number crying. A lovely woman took my information, called me back and set a time to arrive at the centre for help.
I spent five month there for complex ptsd treatment, I got mental health help, the spiritual advisor helped me understand what I needed to erase all of that emptiness I felt inside. My spiritual connection was so profound after my first sweat lodge. I needed more. I became a drummer, singer, I went to Sundance and met a whole new family. I felt so accepted in my happy place. I have kept up with my spiritual wellness journey and I am so grateful and honoured to spend time fire keeping for the Ladies lodge. I want to help others find things that help bring them inner peace, live in a good way, and follow the right path. The counsellors, medical department, support staff and the alumni I now consider family have all been such a huge part of saving my life. You can hit rock bottom without losing material wealth/your home, etc. Thank you Aurora, I am so grateful I found you. Bad reviews I find are from disgruntled people who still need help, haven’t found their way, and have no respect for others or the centre’s expectations. You have to put in the work. Keep persevering, learn to slow down, love yourself, be tolerant and understanding with others, let go of that anger, develop a routine that works for you, challenges you, relaxes you and DON’T look back.”

– Sarah

Thanks aurora for your genuine care and putting my wellness first and foremost ahead of anything

“Aurora has been Crucial to my recovery journey. As a primary treatment centre and for my continuum of care.. It was my 4th treatment centre I’ve been to.. definitely where I grew the most. I spent 10 months there for the first time and can say the staff and services and actual care for clients wellness is amazing.. Everyone gets a second and 3rd chance.. I really grew through that.. the 1 on 1 and mini groups were crucial to my development. I was showing I have the ability to be vulnerable and In contact with my emotions.. I have struggled with active addiction my whole adult life and it’s the first place I actually put together a year of recovery back in the world, nvm I couldn’t even go an hour before outside an institution. I recently had a rough few weeks and Aurora was there without judgement. They loved me until I could love myself and I truly needed that. I am 3 months again and feeling great.. I have completed my primary treatment again and it was amazing I learned so much more about myself.. can always learn something. Hands down it has been the best primary treatment I have been too. It’s great they offer connection after too and aftercare/outpatient.. The continuum / stages are second to none And truly help an addict like me as this work on myself as the work doesn’t stop. But I can say I just had my 3rd Xmas and bday sober and my life is 10 fold better today since first walking in those doors Nov 30 2020. I have made so many great connections.. I would definitely recommend aurora and I’ve experienced 5 different places in my time..”
– Brett C.
“Aurora Recovery Center is an exceptional facility that provides 24hr access to medical care, caring frontline staff, nutritional food, and amenities supporting a healthy lifestyle in the provision of a safe space for addiction recovery.”
– Vanessa D.

I was in a place that I thought I could never return from.

“I had tried everything I could and had no success with other treatment centres. Finally I found Aurora and it changed my life, their program , amenities as well as staff are second to none, I credit this organization as being instrumental in my second chance at life. 2 years and still going strong, thank you Aurora.”
– Cale M.

Absolutely LOVE and CHERISH this place.

“Staff are amazing, they are very caring and considerate people. Will forever and always be grateful for Aurora. I have been blessed with a brand new life.”

– Melissa R.


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