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Medical Detox Centre

Detox: On-site Medical Detox Facility

At Aurora Recovery Centre, our professional medical detox facility supports you throughout your detox process. 24-hour care ensures that you are as comfortable as possible and can transition smoothly into programming. Our team of doctors, nurses and clinicians work diligently to facilitate a supportive environment while you detox. Aurora is the only private treatment centre in Manitoba with a 24/7 medical detox unit. As an essential first step on your journey into recovery, medically supported detox is the safest and most comfortable way to go through withdrawal.

Medically Assisted Withdrawal

Substance withdrawal can be accompanied by challenging physical and emotional symptoms, and may be potentially life-threatening. Medications, along with 24/7 monitoring, are used to safely assist you in your detoxification process. Our medical detox facility follows professional procedures and protocols to safely help you through your withdrawal experience. Our credentialed staff is trained in a variety of protocols for detoxification from all substances, including specialized training in complex, multi-substance withdrawal.

Some of the medications most commonly used during detox include:

  • Suboxone: Since 2002, Suboxone has been approved for the treatment of opioid use disorder. It is equally effective to methadone in treating withdrawal symptoms. Its active ingredient, buprenorphine, is a partial activator of the opioid receptor, and thus carries less addiction and overdose risk than methadone (though the risk is not zero).
  • Benzodiazepines: The mainstay of treatment in alcohol withdrawal, Benzodiazepines are safe, effective and the preferred treatment for alcohol detox. They are cross-tolerant with alcohol and modulate anxiolysis by stimulating GABA-A receptors. During withdrawal from one agent, the other may serve as a substitute. They are proven to reduce withdrawal severity and incidence of both seizures and delirium tremens. The dose is tapered to nil as the medical team determines it is no longer required.

How Long Does Medical Detox Last?

In most cases, medical detox lasts for three to seven days. The length and intensity of detox depends on many factors including:

  • Type of substance used: The type of substance used determines the withdrawal process. Alcohol withdrawal, for instance, can be experienced in just a few hours after the last drink and may require a taper of substitute medication that lasts several days.
  • Duration and frequency of use: The longer an individual has used a substance, the more likely there will be effects of physical dependence. Similarly, the more frequently an individual uses, the more likely physical reliance on a substance will develop. For drugs like benzodiazepines and opioids, physical dependence can develop in as little as six to eight weeks with regular, frequent use.
  • Quantity of substance used: Heavier substance use tends to promote faster tolerance as the body must take more drastic measures to acclimate itself to the presence of a large amount of a drug.
  • Individual factors: Body chemistry, metabolic rate, weight, and individual genetics influence the onset of withdrawal symptoms, and the response of that withdrawal to treatment.

What to Expect in Detox

  • Medical, clinical, and mental health assessments
  • 24 Hour medical monitoring by physician and nurses
  • Supportive staff ensuring all your needs are met
  • Personalized treatment plan initiated

Medical detox for addiction provides stabilization for a chronic condition, but by itself does not change the long-term course of the illness. While detox alone is not considered addiction treatment, it is an essential piece of the treatment process for many people. Millions of people are in long term sustained recovery and you can be too! Whether you have struggled with dependence on opioids, alcohol or other drugs, Aurora Recovery Centre can offer a multitude of professional resources to take you out of the darkness of addiction and into the light of recovery. Physician Services are billed through Manitoba Health. Cost for prescription medications are not covered under MB Health and are the responsibility of the patient.


Everything shared with us is kept strictly confidential and we’re happy to make recommendations if you need a different level of care than we provide. Feel free to reach out, we’re here for you.

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