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Frequently Asked Questions

Substance use disorder, an addiction to alcohol or other drugs, involves the compulsive use of substances despite repeated negative consequences. The use may be associated with positive or negative events and experiences. You may be in the early, middle or late stages of a substance use disorder.

The following questions may be helpful in determining if you have a substance use disorder. In your entire life:

  • Has anyone ever suggested you cut back on your drug/alcohol use?
  • Has drinking or using affected your reputation?
  • Have you promised to control your using or drinking and broken your promise?
  • Have you changed your drinking/using pattern or substances to gain more control over your usage?
  • Have you been in any financial, legal, employment or relationship difficulties due to using or drinking?
  • Have you sneaked or hidden your use?
  • Have you felt guilt or remorse about your drinking or using?
  • Have you felt ashamed about what you’ve done while under the influence?
  • Have you lost interest in activities that used to be important to you?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, we encourage you to contact us for a confidential, no obligation telephone consultation. We are happy to make recommendations and provide resources for you. Contact us here.

Ultimately, each individual needs to make their own life choices. However, with a neurobiological illness, it is important to have leadership. Many people come to us after their family members or employers have set firm boundaries, given direct feedback and disengaged from the insanity of trying to manage someone else’s addiction. Generally, we can coach you to create an environment conducive to someone choosing treatment. If necessary, we can recommend several highly-trained interventionists. Please contact our Admissions Department now.

As a private-pay treatment centre, our application process is unique to each individual. During your telephone consultation, we’ll ask about your current state of physical health, drug/alcohol usage, process addictions, mental health and more. After we speak with you, we’ll consult with the experts on our multidisciplinary team and make our recommendations for you.

Yes, our 24/7 medical withdrawal unit is the only one of its kind in Manitoba. Our highly-trained medical professionals support each member through their withdrawal. This ensures the individual transitions smoothly and safely from medical supervision to inpatient treatment.

Prices for treatment are as follows:

30 days – $19,900

45 days – $26,900

60 days – $33,900

90 days – $44,900

The daily rate for detox treatment  is $1000 and the daily primary treatment rate is $675.

The lifestyle and behavioural changes required for sustained recovery need daily practices to support them. We provide you with everything you need in order to have recovery for life. Each individual’s level of motivation will determine their outcome. Much like hypertension, diabetes, coronary issues, or any other chronic condition, after the acute phase of treatment, a specific care plan is created. This recovery management plan includes regular follow up, accountability practices, exercise, nutrition and involvement in a mutual-aid support group.

The treatment program we prescribe is evidence-based and aligned with best practices. We remain engaged with you for the long haul, inviting and encouraging participation in ongoing recovery management. We offer continuing care for life as we walk beside you well past your stay at Aurora.

We understand that one aspect of addiction is avoidance, particularly avoidance of strong emotional experiences. For that reason, we have measures in place to support you if you feel an overwhelming urge to leave. Our hope is that the new tools we provide will build new neural pathways that override the ingrained patterns of avoidance, however you are welcome to leave at any time.

Aurora Recovery Centre offers individualized treatment dependent on your specific needs. The average length of stay is 45 days. Please contact us now so we may assess your situation and recommend a length of stay.

We have ongoing intakes for accessible service and to create a therapeutic environment for new admissions. Our waitlist generally allows people to attend treatment within 1 to 10 days after they decide to come to Aurora Recovery Centre.

Individuals with a substance use disorder frequently suffer from mental health problems that may or may not be related to their substance use disorder. Aurora treats the addiction and the mental health disorder simultaneously. Both of these areas need to be addressed in order for the individual to recover. In addition to clinical team members who specialize in comorbidity, we also have a psychiatrist on staff.

After completing some initial paperwork, you will spend a minimum of 24 hours in our medical detox unit. While in the unit you’ll receive a mental health, physical and clinical assessment. The information gathered will be used to create your unique treatment plan. Once you have completed your stay in the medical unit you will begin your length of stay program.

The facility, previously a lakeside resort, has been updated to perfectly suit the needs of a premier treatment centre. On 25 acres, set in the serenity of nature, we are located on the shores of Lake Winnipeg just north of Gimli, Manitoba. The facility includes:

  • A community eating area with delicious food made by our chef
  • Common recreational areas, guitar, piano, fireplace, crafts
  • Semi-private rooms with double sinks
  • Fully equipped gym and yoga studio
  • Indoor pool

Yes, smoking is allowed in designated areas while in treatment. We also have supports in place to offer you if you choose to quit smoking.

You will leave the centre with a comprehensive and personalized continuing-care plan. Our commitment to your recovery for life includes lifetime access to our continuing care resources. This may include counselling, group therapy, peer support groups and referrals to specialists.

On 25 acres, set in the serenity of nature, we are located on the shores of Lake Winnipeg one hour north of Winnipeg in Gimli, Manitoba.

20025 Lakeside Road Gimli, MB R0C 1B0 CANADA


Everything shared with us is kept strictly confidential and we’re happy to make recommendations if you need a different level of care than we provide. Feel free to reach out, we’re here for you.

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