At Aurora Recovery Centre we can help you grow in an ecosystem of understanding.

Continuing Care Recovery Management

Our commitment to your Recovery For Life means we stay connected with you after you complete your residential treatment. Aurora Recovery Centre is a compassionate, understanding recovery community that will support you from the time you walk through our doors and throughout your lifetime of recovery with our continuum of care. Providing an array of supports and personalized services ensures your needs are met.

Continuing Care Group

After completion of the acute care, residential portion of your program, you’ll transition into weekly alumni group meetings where you’ll find connection and accountability as you build your recovery foundation.


A great way to enhance your recovery is to have or become an Alumni Peer Support person. When leaving treatment an Alumni Peer Support person becomes the bridge between immersion in treatment and actively living in recovery. They can be an ally and resource who has already walked in your shoes. Becoming an Alumni Peer Support person gives you the opportunity to be of service and use your experience to help someone else. Mentoring someone as they transition out of treatment is a wonderful way to strengthen your own recovery. Becoming engaged in a healthy community is one of the goals of substance use disorder treatment. As a member of Aurora’s Alumni, you’ll have the opportunity to become involved in various community outreach programs and service activities.

12 Step Community

Life after treatment means engaging in behavioural and lifestyle changes that will sustain your recovery for life. Much like any chronic condition (hypertension, diabetes, coronary issues, etc) when you have the acute phase of treatment you’re prescribed a specific treatment plan that is monitored throughout your stay, ensuring you’re responding favorably. When you leave acute care you’re provided with an ongoing recovery management plan with regular follow up, prescribed treatment plan, lifestyle changes, and regular involvement with some form of mutual aid support group. This is where a peer support group plays a pivotal role. The accountability and support provided by working a 12 Step program ensures that you will continue to grow and thrive.

Alternative Recovery Community

12 Step-based recovery isn’t for everyone and we recognize that there are many paths to recovery. A critical component of your continuing care is connection, accountability and support. The evidence supports positive long term outcomes when you remain engaged in ongoing support and we have a variety of alternatives to offer you.

Alumni Community on Social Media

We invite you to join our alumni only private Facebook page. You’ll be able to stay connected and current on upcoming events, and get enhanced communication and support from staff and other alumni.

Transitional Housing and Sober Living

Onsite Transitional housing offers an independent, sober lifestyle, away from the immediate support of treatment counsellors, but close enough to access support when you need it. You’ll integrate all you have learned in an environment designed to see you succeed. Onsite transitional housing sober living environments are proven to decrease the chance of relapse and support the building of your recovery foundation. Studies show that the environment and structure in transitional housing helps further your personal growth and long-term sobriety.

The Benefits of Transitional Housing

Transitional housing sober living environments are proven to decrease the chance of relapse and support the building of your recovery foundation. Studies show that the environment and structure in transitional housing help further your personal growth and long-term sobriety through:

  • A high level of positive social support
  • Continued presence of the 12-step philosophies
  • Practical life skill development
  • Structured lifestyle
  • Regular drug and alcohol testing

Aurora’s Transitional Housing

Aurora provides transitional housing on our property. This facilitates a step down process in your level of care and ensures supports are in place as you begin your recovery journey. Whether you’re in housing on Aurora premises, or with one of our partnered sober living organizations, our transitional housing and sober living options ensure that you’re supported every step of the way.

Additional Support

Aurora Recovery Centre (ARC) Counselling provides additional services. Offering expertise in a confidential, compassionate and comfortable environment, ARC is a wonderful resource for: Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy~address depression/anxiety, improve low self-esteem, learn about the maladaptive coping role of guilt and shame, identify trauma, treat abuse, support for life transitions, tools to manage chronic pain, LGBTQ2S+ resources, grief, personality disorders and more. Marriage, Couples and Family Therapy (MFT)~heal or dissolve relationships with expertise and support, improve communication, nurture healthy boundaries, resolve conflict, parenting issues and more.


Everything shared with us is kept strictly confidential and we’re happy to make recommendations if you need a different level of care than we provide. Feel free to reach out, we’re here for you.

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