Recovery and getting in touch with nature

Did you know that spending time in nature plays an important role in our well-being? In addition to reducing feelings of anxiety, depression, isolation and irritability, time spent in nature can also increase feelings of calmness and restore the capacity for concentration and attention. 

Recovery and disconnecting from technology

For people recovering from addiction, social media can often be a double-edged sword, equally offering hindrance or support depending on the use. That’s why it’s so important to understand its potential impact on your recovery.

Nutrition and recovery

Most people know good nutrition and physical activity are key to maintaining a healthy weight, but each is about much more than a number on a scale. That’s especially true when you’re recovering from a substance abuse disorder.

Exercise and recovery

At Aurora Recovery Centre, we know an individual’s mental, emotional and physical health all play a key role in their recovery journey. Because exercise gives us the unique opportunity to improve all at the same time, a personalized fitness program is an integral component of our evidence-based approach to recovery. 

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